The Biscayne Institutes

of Health and Living

Milieu therapy

Welcome to The Biscayne Institutes of Health & Living!  Biscayne is a 21st century HealthCare Community.  This site is designed to help you learn  how we define health of the body, the mind and the spirit.  At Biscayne we believe that health is a quality of life. We treat all ages from young children through adults and the elderly.

Learn about our nationally accredited rehabilitation services for trauma and chronic illness. Read about the special projects that bring together people of all ages in both traditional and non-traditional healing.  Find out about the Biscayne Academy, a school for children that combines special education and rehabilitation.  The Holistic Health Institute also informs you about educational and cultural events at Biscayne that impact health on all levels.

After you become acquainted with this site, please email or call if you think we can help you through a difficult health challenge or if you just want to find out how you can create a healthier, more holistic quality of life.



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